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The reservations through this website will be confirmed only when you accept our terms and conditions and once the payment made by the client is authorized. This terms and conditions and the rental prices could be modified with no prior notice from Bebé Nómade BUE. The general terms and conditions will be exposed in Bebé Nómade BUE’s website at the moment the client make the reservation. Texts and photos used in the website are not contractual and the rental won’t be affected if there’s any variation.

  1. Definitions

In this contract “you” are the client and “we” are Bebé Nómade BUE. The rental service we propose consists in the equipment rental for a determined period of time. For the moment we only provide our service in Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. For any delivery outside this city we reserve the right of not doing it or doing it at an additional cost. All the payments will need to be made in advance. 

In the case of reimbursement by bank transfer, Bebé Nómade BUE will only assume the commissions of their national bank, and the client will assume the ones of the international or receptive bank. 

For material or equipment, we understand it as an inseparable set of baby equipment, their instructions, package and accessories. The equipment we rent is of international recognized brands and good quality. It accomplishes international security standards. 


  1. Rent and Payment Conditions

After receiving your reservation request through our website or by email, and your payment has been authorized, we will send you a confirmation email in the following 24 hours. The client should immediately inform us of any mistakes/errors. Without an answer from the client, we will assume the information is correct and we will deliver the order as agreed. The payment of the order and also of the delivery should be done at the moment you reserve the product(s). The security deposit is refundable and it should be cancelled the moment you receive the order. If you need your order to be delivered to your hotel or apartment before your arrival date, we will ask that you cancel the total amount of your order before this date. The payment should be cancelled using one of our payment methods except if we have agreed something else. 

Orders and payments should be made at least 2 days before your requested delivery date. In case you need some equipment in less than 2 days time, please email us at info@bebenomadebue.com and we will check availability to confirm your order. 

If you need to extend the rental period, the payment of this difference should be cancelled the day Bebé Nómade BUE confirms this extension, except if we agree something else. 


  1. Safe Payment

Bebé Nómade BUE uses this payment platforms: PayPal and Mercado Pago. They guarantee a safe and confident payment. All prices are shown in Argentinean pesos, US Dollars and Euros. 


  1. Rent Duration

The rental period begins the day that the equipment is delivered as agreed and at the place that the client indicated. 

The rental period ends at the moment that the equipment is returned and after checking that it is in good condition. The client would be able to extend the rental period if it is agreed. In that case, we will make an invoice for this extension and the terms and conditions will continue until the end of this new rental period. 

The rental period can’t be less than 2 days.

The days (24 hours) will start counting from the delivery and return hours chosen by the client, with a maximum tolerance of 3 hours. After this time, the client will have to pay one more rental day. Example: The client chooses 9 am as the delivery time and to return the products in 5 days. In that case, the client will be able to return the product after five days and 3 hours (12 at noon). If the return of the product(s) is after this time, the client will have to pay for one more rental day. 

  1. Bebé Nómade BUE Cancellation

In some cases, we could deny to rent you the equipment. As examples:


Unavailability of the requested material

  • The client doesn’t pay in the conditions and times previously explained. 
  • The client denies paying the amount of the rental or the security deposit. 
  • The client didn’t fill the form with all the information requested. 


  1. Customer responsibility

The customer accepts to give the rented products a private use.

At the moment of delivery, the customer should check all the materials and verify that everything is in good condition, clean and functional. If the customer finds any defects or problems, it should be indicated immediately, so the product can be replaced. The customer should take care of the product(s), and use it as indicated in the instructions that will be sent by email. 


  1. Material and accessories

The material will be delivered to the customer in perfect condition, with all the accessories (if applicable) and in the packages specially designed for their safety and transportation. This package (bags, etc.) is part of the equipment and the customer should take care of it and return it in good condition. 

Bebé Nómade BUE will not be responsible for any complaints concerning the rented material that were not previously indicated, at the time of delivery. If the customer doesn’t make any manifestation, we will assume that the material received is in good condition, ready to be used and it should be returned in the same way. 


  1. Security Deposit

The material will not be delivered until the security deposit was cancelled by one of our available payment methods. 

The security deposit’s amount is indicated in each product in our catalogue. 

If the materials are returned late, broken or dirty, we reserve the right of keeping the security deposit or part of it, and also add an additional cost if necessary.  


  1. Material Return and Security Deposit 

At the end of the rental period, the client should return the product in good condition. We will only accept little marks that result from the normal use of the product. 

Bebé Nómade BUE disposes of a maximum time of 2 days to check if the returned product(s) work(s) well, if it has all its pieces and accessories and if it is in good hygiene condition. If such is the case, we will proceed to reimburse the security deposit as explained in point 1, in a maximum of two workdays.

If we find damages in the returned material that exceed the ones that result from the good and normal use, we reserve the right of not returning the security deposit, returning a part of it or adding an additional cost if necessary. 

If the material is retuned with important damages that affect their functioning and security and they make the products and/or accessories temporally or permanently unusable, not permitting their rental, the customer will have to pay the repair or replacement for a similar product. If this is the case, we reserve the right of keeping the security deposit until that moment and adding an additional cost if necessary. 

If the material is not returned 24 hours after the end of the rental period and we have not received words from the client, the product will be considered as customer property and Bebé Nómade BUE will keep the security deposit and will not accept any complaints from the customer. If the security deposit is not enough, we reserve the right of adding an additional cost to replace the non-returned material. 


  1. Delivery and Return

Bebé Nómade BUE or a designated carrier designated will deliver the product. 

The deliveries and returns will be made in the dates, hours and addresses that the customer has indicated, or Bebé Nómade BUE if you choose the Pick Up Point option. The appointment will always be agreed between the customer and Bebé Nómade BUE through the form filled out in our website or by email. If the delivery address is not the same than the return one, the customer has to indicate that at the reservation time or at least 48 hours before the delivery/rental date.

The hour that the customer has to choose when making the reservation is illustrative and not contractual. The exact hour will be agreed between the customer and Bebé Nómade BUE. Bebé Nómade BUE reserves the right to modify the schedule with prior notice to the customer if there is any activity limitation or force majeure. 

If you are absent in the time and place agreed, we will try to contact you to coordinate a new delivery. In this case, we reserve the right of delivering after the rental beginning time, or adding an extra delivery cost if necessary, and of renting the material to somebody else if we were not able to contact you. 

Bebé Nómade BUE is not responsible for any delays caused by situations that we cannot control, like extraordinary meteorological phenomena, traffic strikes, delays in the return of the materials by another customer, delays of public transportation or other force majeure causes, being unable to be liable for the consequences thereof or compensation requested by the customer or third parties. 

The client accepts the conditions described here and is obligated to comply with them for the duration of the rental period and until the product(s) has been returned to Bebé Nómade BUE or to the carrier designated by us. Until that moment the client will be responsible y se compromete a tener cura del mismo.


  1. Cancellation

Cancellation is free of charge if made up to 7 days before the rental date. 100% of your payment will be reimbursed the same way it was originally done. 


If you cancel your order up to 4 days before the rental date, 50% of your payment will be reimbursed in the same way it was originally done. 


There will not be any reimbursement if you cancel your order with less than 4 days before your rental date. 


12. Privacy Policy

Bebé Nómade BUE guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data and its usage in accordance with the actual personal data protection legislation. The customer is allowed to change or annul the personal data by contacting Bebé Nómade BUE at info@bebenomadebue.com.


  1. Jurisdiction

The contract between the customer and Bebé Nómade BUE submits to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction or regional code of laws. For that purpose the domicile is established in C.A.B.A. 

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